Started in 1977, Journal of Nanjing University of Science and Technology (Bimonthly) is a comprehensive academic journal of natural science, supervised by the Administration of Industry and Information Technology and sponsored by Nanjing University of Science and Technology. It mainly publishes high-level academic papers covering Armament Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle Engineering,Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Mechanics, Electronic and Optical Engineering, Automatic Control, Computer Science and Technology, Energy and Power Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Bioengineering, Materials Science and Technology, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics and Management Science. The journal has been listed as Chinese Core Journal by A Guide to the Chinese Core Journals (Peking University Press), and the full text is included by China Journal Net, Chinese Academic Journals (CD), Digital Periodical Groups of Wanfang Data Resource, Chinese Scientific Journal Database and CEPS Chinese Electronic Periodical Service.
Currently, the Journal has been listed as the source by the following databases: American Chemical Abstracts (CA), American Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory (UPD), Russian Abstract Journal (AJ), British INSPEC, Netherlandish Scopus, Polish Index of Copernicus International, Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD) Expanded Database, Chinese Science and Technology Paper Citation Database (CSTPCD), and Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database (CAJCED).

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2020 06 [Abstract](9)[PDF:710KB] (9)
[Chen Shuqin1,Li Xinyue1,Li Hongliang2,3,Lou Yunxiao3]
2020 06 [Abstract](13)[PDF:1333KB] (13)
[Li Fan1,2,Gao Zhan1,2,Wang Hongbin1,2,Li Shuang1,2,Pang Jian1,2,Xu Kaixiong1,2,Yu Zhengtao1,2]
2020 06 [Abstract](10)[PDF:3049KB] (10)
[Shen Xiaoxia,Xu Zheyuan,Yu Dongjun,Jia Xiuyi]
2020 06 [Abstract](15)[PDF:1032KB] (15)
[Chen Linlin1,2,Zhu Huijuan1,Zhu Jun1,Wang Xiaotong1]
2020 06 [Abstract](12)[PDF:1316KB] (12)
[Dou Rulin,Fang Xuming,Liu Yanan]
2020 06 [Abstract](13)[PDF:2089KB] (13)
[Sheng Guoliang1,Weng Chaoyang2,Lu Baochun2]
2020 06 [Abstract](14)[PDF:1516KB] (14)
[Li Ming1,2,Hu Bo1,2,Ge Shuaishuai1,2,Wang Huan1,2]
2020 06 [Abstract](10)[PDF:1264KB] (10)
[Lei Aiguo,Hu Qizhou,Li Huihui,Lin Juanjuan]
2020 06 [Abstract](11)[PDF:1605KB] (11)
[Fei Jiaxuan1,Pei Pei2,Zhang Ming2,Sun Jiawei2]
2020 06 [Abstract](8)[PDF:2462KB] (8)
[Zhang Tianhai1,Yu Guoqiang1,Xu Chang2,Hu Zunmin1,Zhang Junfang2]
2020 06 [Abstract](9)[PDF:1967KB] (9)
[Chang Lingling1,Liu Yue1,Li Huirong1,Guan Xiaorong2]
2020 06 [Abstract](10)[PDF:2199KB] (10)
[Yang Bo,Yan Xiaoliang,Hu Shu,Zhang Yang,Sheng Chuanxiang,Li Heng]
2020 06 [Abstract](8)[PDF:1927KB] (8)
[Zhou Yue1,Guo Zhuoyu1,Chen Sichun2,Zhao Xin3,Mo Zonglai1,Li Jun1]
2020 06 [Abstract](8)[PDF:2277KB] (8)
[Gu Gang1,2,Song Haitong2,Ma Xinke2]
2020 06 [Abstract](8)[PDF:1497KB] (8)