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Debugging in Testing Environment of FMS Controller(PDF)


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Debugging in Testing Environment of FMS Controller
Bi Zhuming Li Xiaoning Zhu Yan Huang Xinyan Zhang Wen
Department of Manufacturing Engineering, NUST, Nanjing 210094) Jiang Hao
cont rol system theo ry net s computer applications applicat ion program
T est ing enviro nment fo r FMS co nt rol sof tw ar e is desig ned to prov ide a computer -aided debugg ing and test ing method by simulat ing running situation of FMS. It validates the funct ions and ef f iciency of FMS cont roller, detects and analyses errors hidden in the cont rol softw are in order to help the sof tware desig ner to eliminate them. Debugg ing is an important funct io n of testing environment of FMS cont ro ller , the paper present s a new type of hig h lev el petr i net MPN ( Macr o Pet ri Net ) , itps model is mo re describable and po pular than that o f other hig h-lev el Petr i Net and can been established computerically . When the co nt rol commands are t ranslated into the t ransit io ns in MPN model, test ing environment can perform test ing and debugging for FMS cont roller by the theo ry o f Pet ri net .


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