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Study on the Position and Orientation Error of Tool Exchange Robot(PDF)


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Study on the Position and Orientation Error of Tool Exchange Robot
Tan Danna Xue Huanran ①
School of Mechanics, NUST, Nanjing 210094)
robot s hand posit ion o rientation err or accuracy
T o ensure reliability serv ice of too l ex change robot and FMS, the posit ion and orientat ion erro r of too l ex change robot in the FMS is investig ated in this paper . First , the err or mo del of gripperps po sit ion and o rientation is dev elo ped w ith the method of homog eneous mat rix and dif ferential r elat ionship. Second, all jo int error s that af fect positio n and orientat io n of gripper and their statistical behavio rs are analyzed. Based on analyzing and calculating the kinematic error of each jo int , the synthesis o f all r obo t posit ion and orientat ion er ror is performed, and the value of err ors ar e o btained. The er ror invest igat ion pr ovides a basis for accuracy allo cat io n, evaluat ion o f mechanical desig n, and error co nt rol . T he presented analysis method is verified by exper iment s and measuring.


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