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On Research of Spatial Recursive Algorithm Ⅱ and Its Applications on Image Restoration(PDF)


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On Research of Spatial Recursive Algorithm Ⅱ and Its Applications on Image Restoration
Zou Guoliang Lin Yingming
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology, NUST, Nanjing 210094
adapt iv e f il ltering imag e processing least squares methods r ecursion funct ions image r estorat io n
In considering the fact that the two-dimensional ( 2D) image deformatio ns sat isfy the 2D serial autoregr essive ( SAR) model, adapt ive spat ial recursive algo rithm Ⅱ ( SAⅡ) is presented in this paper. T he algorithm is dif ferent f rom SAⅠ alg orithm. SAⅠ is iterat ing per line and adjust ing all of the par ameters, but SAⅡ is iterating per point and adjust ing only a g roup of the parameters. The conver gence speed of SAⅡ is not then affected, but it s calculat ing operat ions have great ly decreased. SA Ⅱ stably converg es and has the numeric stabilit ies, and it is also not sensitive to background noises. The usag es of SAⅡ to image filtering are analy sed in paper , and computer simulat io ns are performed, the resul ts are analysed and concluded.


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