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Real time Multispectral Image Processing and Narrow band Imaging Spectrometer(PDF)


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Real time Multispectral Image Processing and Narrow band Imaging Spectrometer
Zhou Jianxun Bai Lianfa Wang Qingbao
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology, NUST, Nanjing 210094
remote sensing image spectr ometer imag e pr ocessing
Imag ing spect rometer is a kind of space r emote sensing detector. It can get space and spect ral dist ribut ion information of a targ et at the same t ime. A technique having real-t ime spect ral performance is presented w ith considerat io n of simple const ruct ion, low co st and hig h data pro cessing speed. This technique can be used to pro cess mult ispectr al image parallelly and to obtain remote sensing image pro cessed direct ly in the pr ocess of nar row band mult ispect ral imaging . T he real-time performance of r emote sensing spectr ometer can be larg ely improv ed. Mo re important ly , this imag e processing technique has the ex cellent performance-to-cost ratio and can be applied in ag riculture, g eolog y, environmental pro tect ion and so on.


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