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Semi infinite Quadratic Optimization Techniques for the Design of Fir Digital Filters(PDF)


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Semi infinite Quadratic Optimization Techniques for the Design of Fir Digital Filters
Zhi Wenzhu Liu Zhong
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology, NUST, Nanjing 210094
filter o pt imizat ion methods computer aided design
Parks-McClellan method is a w idely used method for the desig n of FIR f ilters. The method has minimized the max imum error between the desir ed filter and the designed one reg ar dless o f the error energ y. T his paper propo ses a new method fo r the design of FIR f ilter by using semi-infinite quadr at ic opt imizat ion ( SIQO) techniques. T his metho d formulates the FIR filter desig n into SIQO model, w hich minimizes the error energy betw een the desired f ilter and the designed one subject to the specif icat io ns of the peak error . In compar ison w ith the Parks-McClellan method, the new method has g reatly reduced sto pband err or energy w ith the sl ig ht increase of max imum stopband g ain. Design examples show the effect iveness of the new metho d.


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