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The Applied Forces of a Moving Support to a Cantilever Beam(PDF)


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The Applied Forces of a Moving Support to a Cantilever Beam
Ma Jisheng Xu Da Dong Dianjun
School of Mechanics,NUST,Nanjing 210094
cant ilever beam active force dynamics Kane’s equations mult ibo dy system
In this paper, a cant ilev er beam at tached to a moving suppo rt is studied. The low -or der normal ized modes of a cantilever beam at tached to a f ixing support ar e used for descriping elast ic displacement of the beam in the reference frame f ixed o n the moving suppor t . Huston’s method is ex tended and emplo yed in kenet ic analy sis o f different ial element of the beam. The gener al ized iner tia forces of the different ial element can be derived. Integrat ing them yields the generalized inert ia for ces o f the beam. The integral can be converted into summat io n by replacing the dif ferential element w ith f inite element . T he g eneralized act ive forces of the beam are applied for ces o f the moving support and elast ic forces of the beam. The dynamic equat ions o f the beam is obtained by using Kane’s equat ions. The expressio ns for the applied for ces are derived fr om the dynamic equat ions. A numerical example shows that the applied fo rces to a f lex ible beam differ markedly f rom those to a rigid beam.


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