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The Structure of Fault tolerant Control System Based on Neural Networks(PDF)


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The Structure of Fault tolerant Control System Based on Neural Networks
LiJun WangZhiquan SunJinsheng
School of Information,NUST,Nanjing 210094
neur al netw orks fault-tolerant technique stability reco nst itut io n
Reliabil ity is an important index to weight the performance of a cont rol system. Fault-to ler ant contr ol is an effect ive means o f r aising the r eliabil ity of a system. Neural netw orks ar e g ood candidates for per forming a variety of reflex ive funct ions in faulttolerant cort ro l system because they ar e no nlinear , can be fault-to ler ant themselves, and can learn f rom exper ience. T his paper analyses the dev elo ping situation and the main proper ties of neural netw orks, and proposes a ty pe of st ructure for fault-tolerant co nt ro l system based o n neural netw orks. The feasibility is studied fr om reliable stabil ity , sy stem reconfigur at ion and integrity design. Neural netw or ks are an ef fective means of performing intelligent fault-to ler ant control.


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