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Pixel level Multisensor Image Fusion Technique(PDF)


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Pixel level Multisensor Image Fusion Technique
Hu Jianghua Bai Lianfa Zhang Baomin
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology, NUST,Nanjing 210094
image date processing image composite targ et acquisitio n mult iple sensor s
Multisenso r imag e fusion is a pr ocess of sy nthesising and processing of multisensor image data. T he composite image is got by fusing many channel s of imag es, and displayed in display center and judg ed by decision authorit ies. T he performance of al l kinds of image sensisors depends much on w or king condit io ns and there is not any of image sensor s w hose perfo rmance ( w or king distance, measurement precision, r esolutio n, ant iinterfere sensit ivity , etc. ) is bet t ter than o ther kinds of image sensors under differ ent w orking condit ions. Mult isensor imag e fusion can impro ve the capability of image detectio n sy stem for detect ing and recognizing tar gets. Concept , principle, processing co nstr uctio n fo r pixel-level mult isensor image fusion are described, and major pro blems and possible w ays of solut ion are also presented. T he pro per combinat io n of low light level ( LLL ) camera w ith o pt ical f ilters is used to implement mult isensor ( or mult ispect ral) imag e fusion exper iment at night fo r outdoo r stat ic scene by the aid o f computer. The result s of ex periment indicate that mult isenso r imag e fusio n has impr oved the capability for reco gnizing target s.


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