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Decision of Fibre Optic Image Devices Limiting Resolution in Measurement(PDF)


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Decision of Fibre Optic Image Devices Limiting Resolution in Measurement
Chen Wenjian Chi Zeying You Mingjun
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST, Nanjing 210094
fibre optic element s resolving pow er sampling theory Moir?f ring e
T he mechanism of image t ransmission in fibre opt ic image devices is analysed by sampling theo ry in this paper . T he relationship is obtained betw een the line pairs of Moir?fr inges produced in the resolution measurement of fibre o pt ic imag e devices and the line pair s of the original resolut ion pat tern. When the input line pairs of resolut ion pattern is hig her than one half of sampling f requency of fibre o pt ic imag e dev ices, Moir? fr ing es arise, the sum o f the tw o kinds o f the line pairs is the sampling f requency o f fibre optic image devices. T his paper also gives the w ay to determine limit ing resolut ion. The clo sest line pairs g roup of the image of the resolut ion pat tern is decided to be the resolut ion limit . In the end, the theo ret ical result is proved by ex periment .


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