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A Practical Algorithm of Three Dimensional Refractive Index Fields Reconstruction(PDF)


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A Practical Algorithm of Three Dimensional Refractive Index Fields Reconstruction
Liu Feng Yan Dapeng Lu Aimin Wang Zhendong
School of Sciences, NUST, Nanjing 210094
opt ics tomog raphy algebr a reconstr uction technique refractive index
T here are tw o types of optical computerized tomogr aphy ( OCT) alg orithms: t ransfo rm method and f inite series ex panded method. In r ecent years a considerable r esult s of OCT w ith finite series ex panded metho d such as the alg ebraic reco nst ruct io n technique ( ART) have been propo sed. T hey hav e the v ersat il ity to r eadily handle odd measur ement geomet rics, including incomplete pr oject ion data unev en spacing o f pro jectio n ang les, and even cur ved ray paths, as well as making use of prior informat ion about the o bject . In this paper , a new practical alg orithm based on ART and QMART is presented. ART is combined w ith QMART to develop a new algorithm PQMART. T he new alg orithm is superior to ART and QMART in it s hig h resolut ion, conv er gence speed and pract ical use fo r eng ineering .


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