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A Cube frame Model for Non Darcy Flow through Porous Foam Media(PDF)


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A Cube frame Model for Non Darcy Flow through Porous Foam Media
School of Mechanics,NUST,Nanjing 210094
darcy f low f low char acterist ics po rous media foam materials flow model
In study of the f low through porous fo am media, the geomet rical model w ith the reg ular cube-f rame st ructur e, and the relev ant theoretical model, w hich acco unt s for the inert ial effect s caused by the mat rix fo rm drag as w ell as the ef fect s coming from surface fr ict ion dr ag , are proposed to formulate a relat ion of non-Darcy f low for por ous foam media, including calculat ion of it s coeff icient s. The permeability of foam media and the coef f icient o f square term in the nonlinear For chheimer-Ward expressio n can be direct ly predicted by the structure par ameters. The predict ion of flow featur e has so bet ter ag reement w ith the ex perimental resul ts having practical value for appl icatio n of the foam materials.


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