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Investigation of the Suppression Effect of the Vertical Baffle on the Liquid Slosh(PDF)


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Investigation of the Suppression Effect of the Vertical Baffle on the Liquid Slosh
WanShui ZhuDemao ① ZhangFuxiang
School of Mechanics,NUST,Nanjing 210094)
sloshing damping liquid propellant s baf fle
T he dynamic behavior of the liquid sloshing has g reat ef fect on the dy namic stabil ity of the liquid-filled space vehicle and the st rategical ballistic missile. T he liquid slo sh has to be suppressed to meet desig n r equirement s of the f lying dynamic stability . For this purpo rse, slosh damping o f the liquid in the container has to be increased. Measures usual ly taken in the ast ronautical eng ineering ar e to install baf fles in the pro pellant fuel co ntainer. T he vert ical baf fle is of ten used in the liquid co ntainer of the rocket fo r liquid slo sh suppr ession. In this paper, by calculat ing the energy dissipated by the local resistance and the virtual w ork made by the flow dynamic betw een lig uid and the vert ical baff le the increment of the slo shing parameter is approached, and a rough analy sis o f the suppr ession effect of the ver tical baf fle on the liquid slosh in a cyl inderical tank is carried out , some valuable r esult s are presented.


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