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Analysis of Base Drag Reduced by Side Holes in the Projectile with Base Cavity(PDF)


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Analysis of Base Drag Reduced by Side Holes in the Projectile with Base Cavity
School of Dynamic Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
drag numerical computatio n hollow base cart riag es super sonic flow
T he f light dr ag of a project ile includes w ave, base, fr ict io n drag under supersonic speed, and the base drag is about 20~40 per cent in total drag . T o reduce the f light dr ag o f a projectile is ver y useful to it s t rajectory . A mechanical model about a project ile w ith base cavity and side holes, w hich could reduce the base drag in supersonic speed, has been put forward in this paper . Since the compar ison betw een calculat ions and ex perimental result s is in g ood ag reement , the model could be taken as a basis for study ing the drag reducing ef fect of side holes and to make an engineering predict io n. In the end, the inf luence of dif ferent parameters of side holes on base dr ag has been discussed.


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