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An Algebraic Riccati Equation Approach to Restructurable Control for Failed Systems(PDF)


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An Algebraic Riccati Equation Approach to Restructurable Control for Failed Systems
WangZidong GuoZhi
School of Information,NUST,Nanjing 210094
cont rol system cont rol law r econst itut ion algebr aic Riccat i equat ion fault tolerant
In this paper the problem of redesigning cont ro ller for failed sy stems is considered. The aim of this problem is to redesign the cont ro ller such that the rest ructur ed sy stem sat isfies the follow ing requirement s: 1) minimizing the er ror norm of closed-loop sy stem mat rices betw een the nominal and the failed model ; 2) possessing the same stability margin as the nominal system; and 3) minimizing the cont rol energy . It is show n that the problem of redesig ning cont ro l law with mix ed performance co nst raint s can be converted to the problem of solving an algebraic Riccat i equat io n, and thus this pr oblem is solv ed completely. T he numerical alg orithm for solving a class of algebraic Riccat i equat ions is discussed, and the illust rat ive ex ample is also pr ovided. Both the theor et ical analysis and the simulat io n result show that the proposed desig n metho d is direct and ef fect ive.


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