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The Investigation of Ordinary Pressure Synthesis for Hydrogen Peroxide by Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas(PDF)


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The Investigation of Ordinary Pressure Synthesis for Hydrogen Peroxide by Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas
Jiang Lifen
School of Chemical Engineering, NUST, Nanjing 210094
catalysis r educt io n ox idat ion hydrogen per oxide
At atmospher ic pressure, the sy nthesis of hydrogen per ox ide in copper sulfate and sulfuric acid so lut ion, with pal ladium as catalyst , has been studied. The react ion has tw o steps, the reduct ion step w ith hydrogen g as flow ing throughout the solution and the o xidat ion step w ith air f low ing throughout the solut ion. T he result s show that , under the atmospheric temperature and pressure, the quant ity of produced hydrog en perox ide is related to the reduct ion t ime, ox idat ion t ime, palladium content and copper ion content and so on. When Pd co ntent is 20~25 μmol / L and the co ncent rat io n o f Cu 2+ ion of co pper sulfate solutio n is 10mmol/ L, the maximum quant ity of hydrog en perox ide can be produced, and the 3 mmol/ L solut io n of hydrogen per oxide can be obtained direct ly .


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