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The Regularity of a Kind of Harmonic Mappings(PDF)


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The Regularity of a Kind of Harmonic Mappings
Yang Xiaoping
School of Sciences, NUST, Nanjing 210094
harmonic mapping s f ree bo undaries regularity reg ular g eodesic
T his paper discussed the w eakly p-harmonic mapping s into regular g eodesic ball s w ith fr ee boundar ies. By means o f g eometr ic parameter est imates, blow up technique and the extension method of ref lect ion, ever yw here regularity for the mapping s w hich w er e p-energ y minimizers and part ial regularity for w eakly p-harmo nic mappings w er e derived respect iv ely . Furthermore, o n account o f mo no to nicity formula, it w as o btained that the statio nary p-harmonic mappings w ere everyw her e regular.


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