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Analysis of Bandwith Power for 1.3 μm ELED Single Mode Fiber Optic Subscriber Loop System(PDF)


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Analysis of Bandwith Power for 1.3 μm ELED Single Mode Fiber Optic Subscriber Loop System
Li Jingcong Li Xiangying He Anzhi
School of Sciences, NUST, Nanjing 210094
laterals light emit t ing diodes monomode subscr iber loo p bandw idthdistance product
T he idea of using 1. 3μm-ELED sing le-mode f iber o pt ic tr ansmissio n system is used in the subscriber loop is presented in this paper . We make a thorough study o f the ELED characteristics o f spect rum and radiat ion. A simple model of bandw idth pow er of 1. 3μm-ELED sing le-mode f iber opt ic t ransmission system is pr opo sed in this paper. T he calculat io n result s are in g ood ag reement w ith the co nclusions g iv en by other refer ences. Then the feasibility and superiority of this kind of system used in the subscr iber loo p is discussed.


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