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Multiresolution Analysis (MRA) in Computational Electromagnetics(PDF)


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Multiresolution Analysis (MRA) in Computational Electromagnetics
FangDagang Song Yuming WangChaofu
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094
elect romagnetic f ields numerical computat ion reso lving power analy sis w avelet tr ansformation mult igr id method w eig hted residue method
The mult iresolut ion analy sis ( MRA) in computat ional elect romagnet ics is discussed systemat ically . Based on the mult ir esolution pro perty o f the base funct io n and the dif ferent t ransformation between base funct ions, the classificat ion of differ ent metho ds is given w hich rev eals the essence and r elat ionship of the differ ent methods. At the same t ime, the classification provides the clue to dev elo ping new appro ach, fo r example, f rom the fr ame of the MRA, a new numerical method-w avelet based mult igr id metho d is proposed by the authors. Finally , the comparison betw een tw o appro aches for so lving an oper ato r equat ion by using w avelet t ransfo rm is presented.


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