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Study of the Structure and Thermal Stability of Model Compound of Polyimides(PDF)


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Study of the Structure and Thermal Stability of Model Compound of Polyimides
Zeng FanxingQiu Wulin
School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
poly imides mo del compounds st ructure thermal stabil ity
A series o f model compounds of polyimides w ere synthesized and characterized by 1H—NMR, 13C—NMR and IR. T heir themo oxidat ive stability w as characterized by TG. The r esult s show that the nuclear magnetic r esonance data are in ag reement w ith IR data for their st ructur e. Furthermore they had the hig h thermo oxidative stability , and their thermo ox idative stabilit ty decr eased mar kedly with the intr oduct ion o f the methylene. It also indicates the possibility that study o f the pr operty of model compo unds can be used to predict the thermal pro perty of their corresponding polyimides po lymers and develop the new method of synthesized polyimides.


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