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Residence Probability Control for a Class of Engineering Systems with H ∞ Norm Constraints(PDF)


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Residence Probability Control for a Class of Engineering Systems with H ∞ Norm Constraints
Wang Zidong Guo Zhi
School of Information, NUST, Nanjing 210094
linear systems cont inuous systems cont rol
By the analysis of performance index es for a class of eng ineering systems w ith detecting w indow s, the design g oal o f the feedback co nt rol system is determined under certain performance requirement co nst raint s such as r esidence probability and H ∞ index . Based on the improvement on covariance cont rol theory and H ∞ cont rol theor y, this paper provides the existence co nditions and analy t ical expression of desired cont rollers, as w el l as the st raight forwar d design steps. Both theo ret ical analy sis and numerical ex ample show that the closed-loop cont rol system possesses not only the desired residence pro bability characteristic but also the robustness to system mo delling erro r. It is pointed out that the present design approach is direct and ef fective, and hence has sat isfactor y pro spect in eng ineer ing applicat ions.


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