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The Research and Design of Regiobnal Pole Assignment for Reduced order State Observers(PDF)


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The Research and Design of Regiobnal Pole Assignment for Reduced order State Observers
Li Luowen Wang Zidong Guo Zhi
School of information, NUST, Nanjing 210094
linear systems pole al locat ion decay rate reduced-or der state o bser ver
T he aim of designing observer is to r ebuild the states through input and output . A suitable decay rate which is r elevant to the situtation of poles from estimated xd to real x is important . How ever, observ ers w ith accurate pole-placement of ten can no t satisfy other performance indices. In this paper, the reg io nal pole assig nment of reduced-order state observ er is discussed. It gives the unified alg ebraic parameterizat ion of these kinds of reduced-o rder state observers and the fundamental guidlines to design state observer so as to suit for mult iobjectiv e performances.


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