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Common Fixed Point Theorems for a Sequence of Fuzzy Mappiongs(PDF)


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Common Fixed Point Theorems for a Sequence of Fuzzy Mappiongs
Shi Chuan
School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094
systems eng ineer ing fuzzy cont rol theory fuzzy mapping f ix ed- point theorem
For r equirement of fuzzy system engineering , et. al. , 1981, S. Heilpern first int ro duced the concept o f fuzzy mapings and prov ed fix ed point theo rems for cont ract ion fuzzy mappings. T he paper int roduced g - Φ -contr act ive ty pe fuzzy mapping s. T he common f ixed point theorems of this sequence of fuzzy mapping ar e studied, o ur theor ems impro ve and gener alize the corr espo nding resul ts and it can be applied in system eng ineer ing .


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