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Real time Contrast Stretching in Low light level Image Processing(PDF)


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Real time Contrast Stretching in Low light level Image Processing
Chen Qian Gu Guohua Bai Lianfa Wang Yu
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology, NUST, Nanjing 210094
image enhancement real t ime pro cessing gray scale t ransformat ions low -light-level imag e
Low cont rast is one of the main char acterist ics of the low -lig ht-level imag e, and contr ast st retching is the important technical metho d to enhance the image. In this paper, the basic principle o f realizing cont rast st retching by grey-level transforming is described in detail . By analysing the histog ram of low -light-level image in different illuminance, the special grey-level t ransforming funct ion is established and the development of the circuit is f inished, so the real-time pr ocessing o f the low -light-lev el image is r ealized. In low -l ig ht-level television system, this method can be used direct ly and the quality of the image can be impr oved great ly.


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