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A New Noise Suppression System Using Two Stage Wiener Filter(PDF)


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A New Noise Suppression System Using Two Stage Wiener Filter
Zhu Qi
Department of Radio Engineering, Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications, Nanjing 210003
speech sounds signal pr ocessing noise suppression sig nal noise ratio filter
T he speech receiv ed under many circumstances is o ften disturbed by vario us noises. T his ser io usly decr eases the intellig ibility and ar ticulat ion o f the received speech. Therefo re, it is essent ial to use some method to ex t ract the clean speech. In this paper , w e pr opo se a new alg orithm w ith tw o stag e Wiener f ilter to suppr ess noise, both its SNR and the intelligibility of the f il tered speech are bet ter than those of Zelinski’s method.


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