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A New Algorithm for Extracting Aerodynamic Coefficients from Free flight Data(PDF)


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A New Algorithm for Extracting Aerodynamic Coefficients from Free flight Data
Li Yingjiu Zeng Shilun Yi Wenjun
School of Dynamic Engineering, NUST, Nanjing 210094
aerodynamic co ef ficient s data reduction interation algorithm
T his paper proposes a new alg orithm fo r ext racting aerodynamic coeff icient s fr om f ree-flight data: improved Mar quardt algo rithm. Mar quardt algo rithm is a rather go od data reductio n alg orithm. It combines the advantag es of Chapmann-Kirk alg orithm and the steepest descent algo rithm, and avo ids their defect s. The improved Marquardt algor ithm no t only inher it s the advantages of Marquar dt alg orithm, but also much mo re decreases the computat ion t ime . It is a quicker convergence inter at ion algor ithm than Marquar dt alg orithm. The applicat ion of this improved alg orithm to data reduct ion in aeroballist ic rang e is presented.


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