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Preparation and Characterization of Novel Diamines Chain extented by Amic Acid Linkage and by Imide Linkage(PDF)


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Preparation and Characterization of Novel Diamines Chain extented by Amic Acid Linkage and by Imide Linkage
Yang Yu Yang Xujie Wang Ying Lu Lude Wang Xin
School of Chemical Engineering, NUST, Nanjing 210094
amic acid imide chemical bonds chain ex tensio n diamine pr eparatio n
A series of bisamines chain-ex tented by amic acid linkag e and by imide l inkage were prepar ed by r eacting benzo phenone tert racar box ylic dianhydride w ith ppheny lenediamine, 4, 4′-diamino-diphenyl-methane and 4, 4′-diamino dipheny ester . The st ructures of the amic acids and imides w ere characterized by proton nuclear magnet ic resonance and infr ar ed spectr oscopy, and the thermal proper ties o f the amic acids and imides w er e measured by thermog ravimetr ic analy sis and dynamic thermal analysis. T he r esult s of thermal analysis show that the bisamines have g ood thermal stability , and they may be used for the prepar ation o f some heat-resistance polymers.


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