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Characterization of Regenerative Spray Combustion Process of RLPG(PDF)


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Characterization of Regenerative Spray Combustion Process of RLPG
Zhu Guangsheng Lin Junyi Zhang Yuelin
School of Mechanics, NUST, Nanjing 210094
combust ion spraying-up numerical simulat ion inter io r ballist ics regener at ive liquid pr opellant gun
A mult iphase mult idimensional mathemat ical mo del of the regenerat ive spray combust ion process of RLPG is founded and elaborated w ith the exper imental data acquired w ith a high speed acquir ing system. The model is then used to characterize numerically the reg enerative spray combust io n process of 37mm RLPG in detail. T he main result s show : ( 1) A cont inuous liquid propellant jet exists during the whole regenerat ive inject ion process. T he propellant bur ning happens mainly in the region o f combust ion chamber and gun tube inlet ; ( 2) T he tube inlet throt t le has g reat influence on the t imespace dist ribut ions of the gas velocity and pressure. T he gas velocity and pressure distr ibute linearly along the g un tube ex cept the region near the tube inlet and out let ; ( 3) The g as in the combust ion chamber and the tube inlet reaches a high temperature level. A very hig h heat flux occurs in the near w all region of the combust io n chamber.


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