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Multiobjective Variance constrained Controller Design for Uncertain Systems: An Algebraic Approach(PDF)


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Multiobjective Variance constrained Controller Design for Uncertain Systems: An Algebraic Approach
Sun Xiang Huo Peijun Guo Zhi
School of Information, NUST, Nanjing 210094
uncertain systems sto chast ic sy stems v ar iance co nst raint s H ∞ const raint s circular pole placement
T he problem o f desig ning variance-const rained contr oller is pro posed and studied for linear cont inuo us uncertain systems w ith multiobject ive const raints. T he aim of this pro blem is to design robust cont roller: the closed-loop sy stem is stable, the steadystate variances are not greater than the prespecified values, and the prescr ibed circular po le const raint and H ∞ norm constr aint ar e met , simultaneously . The above mult iobjectiv e contr ol problem is enforced into a modif ied algebraic Riccat i equat ion, and the existence co nditions and analyt ical ex pr ession of desired cont rollers are g iven by using sing ular values decomposition theory and the gener alized inver se theo ry.


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