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A Novel Algebraic Feature Extraction Method and Facial Recognition(PDF)


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A Novel Algebraic Feature Extraction Method and Facial Recognition
GuoYuefei JiangZhihua YangJingyu WuYongge HuangXiuwu
School of Information,NUST,Nanjing 210094
matrices ( mathemat ics) feature ext ract ion pat tern recog nit ion opt imal discriminant pro jection vector
The feature ext ract ion is the most important and fundamental problem in image recognition. T he alg ebraic feature ex t ract ion is an ef fect ive metho d of the feature extr act ion. In this paper, a novel algebraic feature ex t ract ion method is presented. At first the eig en mat rix ( EM) o f the imag e is defined, then the EM is used for ex t ract ing the algebraic featur e. T his paper pro ved that this algebraic feature has some important pro pert ies o f algebr aic and g eomet ric inv ar iance. As an ex ample, this method is used for facial image recog nit ion. T he ex perimental result shows that this method is ef fectiv e.


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