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A Model for Information Processing Capacity of Command and Control Systems(PDF)


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A Model for Information Processing Capacity of Command and Control Systems
WangZhigang ①
School of Information,NUST,Nanjing 210094)
informat ion pro cessing informatio n capact ity model building command and contr ol systems Pet ri net s
Informat io n pro cessing capacity ( IPC) is the maximum tar get batches that a sy stem can pr ocess in the same t ime under the co ndition that the max imum processing delay of a tar get’s information is w ithin an acceptable value. It is o ne of the main indices used to ev aluate the informat io n pro cessing ability o f a command and cont rol ( C2 ) system. A model for the IPC o f a class of typical C2 system is buil t by use of the to ol of t imed Pet ri net s. T he relat ions o f IPC to sy stem’s reso urce, to sy stem’s structure, and to system’s task processing t ime are analyzed quant itat ively. T he system’s bo tt leneck of informat ion pr ocessing is pointed out .


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