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Random Model for Optimum Design of Exterior Ballistics(PDF)


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Random Model for Optimum Design of Exterior Ballistics
XuMingyou DingSongbin XuZhijun
School of Dynamic Engineering NUST,Nanjing 210094
exterior ballistics random processes optimum desig n ballist ic t rajectories model building
T his paper g ives a random ball ist ic model for ballist ic opt imum desig n of missiles. T he model includes f lig ht dy namic equat io n of missilles, disturbing factor s and their related funct ions. T he exterior ballist ic equation is ex pr essed as state v av iable one. The dispersio n caused by g ust , thrust mallig nment , dynamic unbalance and initial disturbances is studied w ith description funct ion of cov eriance analy sis. The dispersion is dynamic responce o f ballist ic sy stem. PRESS model is used in the g ust random pro cess. T he forcing process o f thrust malalignment is thought o f as weak stable random one. T he related funct ion is obtained by do ing statistical analysis for thrust mallignment process. It is an attenuat ion index model . Based on the cov ar iance relatio n betw een disturbing random functio n and state variables, this paper g ives dif ferential equat ion of the covariance. When the equat ion is simul taneo us w ith variance matr ix equat ion about the ballistic state variables, the solut ions o f angular def lect io ns are o btained. Take the optimum design of rocket ballistics as an ex ample, the g eneral principle o f the ballist ic opt imum design and determinat ion metho d of design variables, object ive function and r est raint condit ions are discussed. Concrete computat io n show s that this model is pr act icable.


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