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Modeling for Nitramine (RDX,HMX) Propellant Burning Characteristics(PDF)


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Modeling for Nitramine (RDX,HMX) Propellant Burning Characteristics
YangDong ZhaoBaochang SongHongchang HeXiuying
School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
nit ramine combust io n rate pressur e combustio n physics numerical simulat ion nit ramine pro pellants
Based o n the predict ion model for propellant burning r ate, the thermal decompo sit io n mechanism of nit ramine is analysed, and the nit ramine decomposit io n hypothesis in the primary stage of combustion is proposed, the classificat ion of the gases near the burning surface is carried out and the burning r ate ex pression and the pressure index expression of nit ramine propellant s are derived. T he modeling of burning characterist ics of nit ramine propel lant with different kinds and co ntent s of nit ramine in the pressure region fr om 0 to 400 MPa is made. T he r esult s show that the calculated values are in good agreement w ith the exper imental data. Finally , the pressur e index value o f nit ramine propellant s and the possibility of pr essure index modificat ion are discussed.


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