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Numerical Analysis for Effect of Quartz Observation Window on Flame Temperature Measurement(PDF)


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Numerical Analysis for Effect of Quartz Observation Window on Flame Temperature Measurement
LüZhaohua WangZhiwu SunSicheng DingJianping
School of Mechanics,NUST,Nanjing 210094
f lame temperatur e temperature measur ement heat t ransfer computat ion combined heat t ransfer semit ransparent media
When the f lame temper ature dist ribut ion in porous medium burner is studied by using the radiat ion measuring temperatur e metho ds, the temper ature inside the quar tz observat ion w indow could not be acquired directly by the infrared video camer a which is unable to respond the infr ar ed w av elength from the flame through the quart z. T he thermal co nduct io n coupling w ith the radiat ion w ithin the glass ( semit ransparent medium) w ith the boundar y co nditions of heat convect ion is numerical ly calculated to invest igate the variations of o ut side temperatures. From the o ut side temperature o f glass, the flame temperature in the sur face layer of porous medium can be obtained by using the relat ion calculated. T his metho d that removes the inf luence o f quart z o n measur ed f lame temperature is sig nif icant in practice.


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