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Theory and Experiment Study on Time space Noise Processing of Low Light Level (LLL) Image(PDF)


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Theory and Experiment Study on Time space Noise Processing of Low Light Level (LLL) Image
ZhangBaomin BaiLianfa ChenQian
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technolgy,NUST,Nanjing 210094
low light level televisio n no ise cont ro l imag e processing interf rame comparison denoise process adapt ive mode f ilter
In this paper, taking the LLL CCD TV sy stem w hich research laboratory deve-loped as the o bject of study , on the basis of analysing LLL image and it s noise characteristics in detail , the noise theoret ical model of LLL image is described Eimultaneouly by the time and space domain stochast ic process. The LLL image processing sy stem is developed. With the direct ion of this theoret ical model , two types of new LLL image noise processing techniques - interf rame comparison denoise pr ocess and adaptiv e mode f ilter are put forward and taken to suppress the LLL image t ime-space domain noise. In the end, the test and analysis evaluat io n on the original and pro cessed imag es are carried out.


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