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Technololy Research on Decreasing Penetration Beat Value of Shaped Charges(PDF)


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Technololy Research on Decreasing Penetration Beat Value of Shaped Charges
Cao Bing  Chen Huiw u Gao Shenlie
School of M echanics , NUST , Nanjing 210094
shaped charges shaped charge act ion technological propert y t es ts
When ex periment ing with a bat ch of shaped charges w ith the same t echnology condit ions , the depth of penet rat ion of shaped charges always moves up and down. It brings trouble into res earch w ork. How t o decrease the penet rat ion beat value of shaped charges , inprove the stabilit y of penetration of shaped charges, is an import ant subject w hich must be noticed when producing and researching with shaped charges . T his paper f irs t analys es main f actors initiat ing penet rat ion beat of shaped charges, and caculat e the aff ect ing law of the fact ors. T hen, bas ed on that , the paper s tudies the conventional technology measures t o decreas e penet rat ion beat value of shaped charges about the eff ects of liner machine precision, liner mat erial quality , charge homogeneit y, charge precision, init iat ing off-cent re and so on. T hen the paptr is based on the shaped charge of 5 56 mm caliber w ith the liner of 60°angle t o do experiment . T he result s of test s indicat e that the set of conventional technology measures f or machining shaped charg e provided by the paper is economical and reliable. It can eff ect ively cont rol the penetration beat value of shaped charges of a group of t en shells within ±5 %. In the soon future, it will advance the development of shaped charges research.


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