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A Decision making Model and Algorithm of Multi criteria and Finite Schemes(PDF)


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A Decision making Model and Algorithm of Multi criteria and Finite Schemes
LiDemin ZhangYouliang MengQin ①
CIMS Institut e, Nanjing Univers it y of Science and T echnology, 210094
① Persnnel Division,North China Institute of Technology,030051
subordinate ass esment decision-making result ing mat rix pref erence vect or decision making model
T he paper use subordinat e ass sesment funct ion to decide decis ion-making mat rix and cons truct decision-making resulting matrix which can be used to est imate pref erence mat rix by decis ion-making mat rix , and give a assesment model of f init e schemes. Becaus e decision result ing mat rix is a posit ive inverse mat rix, we can present a audio-visual ass esment method, and in the end we provide a algorithm of finite schemes decision-making problem.


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