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The Study of Thermal Stability of 22 Tricosenoic Acid Langmuir blodgett Films(PDF)


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The Study of Thermal Stability of 22 Tricosenoic Acid Langmuir blodgett Films
Wang Guangmin Wang Guihua Yang Weiy i
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelect ric T echnique, NUST , Nanjing 210094
22-t ricosenoic acid langmuir -blodgett f ilms thermal s tabilit y
22-t ricos enoic acid ( 22-TA) Langmuir-blodgett ( LB) f ilm has been studied many times in pyroelect ric thermal imaging. T hough it has many andvantages the pyroelect ric thermal imagerneeds, it s st abit it y is not very good. T his paper present s the XPS spect ra of 22-TA pow er and LB films befor e and after annealling, and g ives out the x-ray litt le-ang le dif fr act io n spect ra of 22-TA LB f ilms. T he vesnlt s indicate that the 22-T A molecule str ucture and the LB f ilm crystall ine st racture chang e w ith temperature and t imes. T he reas o ns of these changes are discussed. T he results w o uld lead us to eng ineer pyro electric f ilms molecularly to be more stable and her ce more useful.


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