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Study on Principle and Technology of Two Colour False Colour Low Light Level TV System(PDF)


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Study on Principle and Technology of Two Colour False Colour Low Light Level TV System
Kong Jie Liu Yufeng  Bai Lianfa
Personnel Division, College of Elec. & Opt., NUST, Nanjing 210094
night vision low light level televis ion optical det ection
T his thesis put s emphasis on study on principle and techno logy of twoco lour false co lour low light level TV system, pursuing the related techniques of realizing . Tw o-colo ur detect ion techno log y is the important part and theoret ical basis of this colour low light level technolog y. It s crux is the cho ice of suitable contr ast-turning position and the division of ef fect ive spect rum of night sky and r ef lect ion pr operty of night scenery . The best colour approaching techno logy is about how to choo se this co nt rast-turning positio n and suitable alg orithm to make the best reso lut ion and detect io n of the tw o-colour false colour low light level imag e. In the end, the r ealizing method, ex periment r esult s and analy ses are given.


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