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The Computation and Approximate Analysis on the Rotation Tensor in the Polar Decomposition(PDF)


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The Computation and Approximate Analysis on the Rotation Tensor in the Polar Decomposition
Dui Guansuo Xie Yushu
School of Sciences, NUST, Nanjing 210094
cont inuum mechanics tenso rs appr oximate computat ion
By use of Cayley- Hamilton theorem, a representat ion for the rotation tensor w hich contains the low er pow ers o f deformat io n g radient is pr opo sed . An ex plicit fo rmula of rotat ion ang le is der iv ed and a representat io n for the ro tat ion tensor ax is is obtained. Final ly, thro ug h the appr ox imate analysis, the appro ximate r epresentat ion on the rotat ion tenso r and st retch tensor is proposed.


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