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A Parametric Approach to Regional Pole Assignment(PDF)


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A Parametric Approach to Regional Pole Assignment
WangZidong GuoZhi
School of Information,NUST,Nanjing 210094
linear sy stems output feedback pole allocat ion parametr ic methods algebr aic characterizat ion
The unif ied alg ebraic characterizat ion o f regional pole assig nment for linear t ime-invariant cont inuous and discr ete-time systems is studied in this paper . The go al of this study is to design the output feedback co nt roller such that the closed-loop po les are placed within the specified circular r eg ion by using the paramet ric method. Necessar y and suf ficient condit ions for the ex istence of desired output feedback co nt rol lers are derived, and the paramet rizat io n o f all expected cont rollers is also g iven. Finally , some useful coro llaries are o btained w hich include the algebraic ex pression o f stabilizing co nt ro ller s for linear co nt inuous and discr ete-t ime sy stems.


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