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Decentralized Fault tolerant Control for Dynamic Large scale Systems(PDF)


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Decentralized Fault tolerant Control for Dynamic Large scale Systems
Sun Jinsheng Li Jun Xu Lei Wang Zhiquan
School of Information, NUST, Nanjing 210094
large-scale systems decent ralized cont rol state feedback failures faulttolerant cont rol
T he pro blem of decent ralized fault-tolerant contr ol for g ener al ized interconnected large-scale systems is co nsidered. A new design method for decent ralized fault-to ler ant cont roller against sensor failur e is stated based on local state feedback. T he conditio n of actuater failure is discussed. In the end, a numeral ex ample and simulat ion r esult s are g iv en to demo nstr ate the effect iveness of the proposed desig n metho d.


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