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Numerical Stability of the Extended Task space Method of Kinematically Redundant Manipulators(PDF)


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Numerical Stability of the Extended Task space Method of Kinematically Redundant Manipulators
WuRuimin BiZhuming LiuTingrong ① ZhangYouliang
School of Manufacturing Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094)
inv erse kinematics kinemat ically redundancy robot extended-task metho d stability
T he alg orithm stability o f the ex tended-task method for kinemat ically redundant manipulato rs, w hich is of ten ut ilized to obtain redundancy resolut io ns, is discussed in the paper . Based on the balanced scale factor pro posed, a new mo dified extended- task method is established, w hich is suitable for all kinds of perfo rmance indices, and it is of high numer ical stability . In the end, a numerical ex ample is g iven to verify the feasibility of the method above ment ioned.


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