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Preparation and Characterization of Bismaleimides Chain extented by Imide Linkage(PDF)


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Preparation and Characterization of Bismaleimides Chain extented by Imide Linkage
Yang Xujie Yang Yu Wang Ying Lu Lude Wang Xin
School of Chemical Engineering, NUST, Nanjing 210094
imide chain-ex tension synthesis char acterizat ion
A series of bismaleimides chain-ex tent ed by imide linkage w ere prepared by reacting benzo phenone tetr acarboxylic dianhydr ide w ith 4, 41-diaminodiphenyl-methane et al. The st ructures of sample w ere charact erized by pr oton nuclear magnet ic resonance and infrared spect roscopy , and the thermal propert ies w ere measured by thermogravimet ric analys is and dy namic thermal analysis . T he result s show that the nmr dat a w ere in agreement w ith the inf ra-red, and the bismaleimides chain-ext ented have good thermal st abilit y.


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