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Study on the synthesis of Amphiphilic Water Soluble Quaternary Cationic Polyelectrolytes(PDF)


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Study on the synthesis of Amphiphilic Water Soluble Quaternary Cationic Polyelectrolytes
Liu Shouping Jia Hongbin Du Yang Ji Faxiang
School of chemical Engineering, NUST, Nanjing 210094
w ater-soluble polymer po lyelect roly e mannich react ions t ransaminat ion react ion quater nary ammonizat ion r eaction.
Hydro philic acrylamide ( Am) and hy dro phobic sty rene ( St ) were init iated by A IBN in 1, 4-diox ane to co polymerize. Po ly ( acr ylamide-sty lene) [ P( Am- St ) ] w as obtained as a precursor. Cat io nic quaternar y po ly ( acry lamic lomethyldi ( hydrox ylethy l ) benzylammonium chlo ride-styrene) ( P( AmMDHEBAC - St ) and po ly ( acrylamido pro py l t rimethy l ammonium monomethyl sulfate-styr ene) [ P ( AmPT MAMS - St ] w ere synthesized f rom P( Am- St ) . T he chemical st ructur es of P( Am- st ) , P( AmMDHEBACI-St ) and P( AmPTMAMS- St ) w ere characterized by EA , IR, and HNMR.


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