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Characteristic Analysis of Millimeter wave Focal Plane Array Imaging System(PDF)


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Characteristic Analysis of Millimeter wave Focal Plane Array Imaging System
Wang Huali Li Xingguo
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology, NUST,Nanjing 210094
radiometers focal plane arr ay receivers sensit ivity signal-no ise ratio millimeter w ave imag ing
Recent development of monolithic millimeter -wave integ rated circuit s ( MMIC) technolo gy has led to the employment o f focal plane arr ay receivers in passive millimeter-w av e imag ing sy stems. We describe ty pical focal plane array receivers, and make a further analysis on the performance o f bo th mixer and dir ect detect ion radiomet ric receiver. T he IF amplification of the former is easier to achieve, w hile the sensit ivity of the lat ter is bet ter . T he sig nal-to-noise rat io characteristics o f focal plane array imag ing sy stem are also discussed in details. T he r esult s w ill benef it design consider ations and perfo rmance evaluat ions of mill imeter- wave focal plane ar ray imaging system.


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