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Study of Technology of Radar Target Identification Based on Hidden Markov Model(PDF)


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Study of Technology of Radar Target Identification Based on Hidden Markov Model
Zhou Dequan Liu Guosui Wang Jianxin
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectric Technology, NUST, Nanjing 210094
radar target ident ificat ion rang e prof ile feature ext raction hidden Mar ko v model
A method of featur e ex t ract ion of incoherent averag e, mult iresolut io n decompo sit io n, Fourier t ransformat ion is pro posed. The hidden Markov model ( HMM ) technique is used to ident ify featur e sequences result ing f rom r ange prof ile sequences. A data set of r eal radar rang e prof ile of three class air craf ts got ten from an ISAR is used to test the ef fectiv eness of above methods. Ident ification accuracy of 99. 33 % is obtained.


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