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Effects of Fluctuating Greating in the Diffraction of Double-greatings(PDF)


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Effects of Fluctuating Greating in the Diffraction of Double-greatings
Huo Yanming Cui Ji Xu Sannan Li Xiangyin
School of Sciences, NUST, Nanjing 210094
greating dif fr act ion stat ist ical analy sis g aussian dist ribut ion
Based o n the theory of Forier analysis in do uble- g reat ings and g aussian stat ist ical theory , this paper successfully analyses the ef fect made by a spat ially fluctuating g reat ing w hich agrees w ith gaussian random f luctuat ions. In this paper, theoret ically the intensity distr ibut io n at the observat ion plane is obtained. T his paper also g iv es the requir ement o f producing the imag e in double- g reatings dif fract io n. A computer simulat ion and corresponding ex periment w ere exercised and checked in the end.


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