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The Uniqueness of the Reconstruction of a Layered Media(PDF)


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The Uniqueness of the Reconstruction of a Layered Media
Cheng Chonghu Chen Kangsheng ①
Department of Applied Electronics,Hainan University, Haikou570228
¹ Institute of Elect rophy sics T echnique, Zhejiang Univer sity, Hangzho u 310027
layered media uniqueness linearized method EM inver ser socat tering
In this paper , the uniqueness of the reco nst ruct io n of the layered media cy linder is discussed. In order to obtain an unique solution, a linearized method is proposed in w hich a nonlinear algebraical equat ion is replaced by a r elat ive linear one w ith is an unique solution. The method does not depend on the orig inal integral equat ion, therefo re the pr ocedure tr ansforming a nonlinear integr al equat io n to the Gel’fand-Levitan equatio n can be avo ided. By using the method, the uniqueness of the reconst ruct ion of a lay er ed media with an arbitr ar y g eomet ry geomet ry can be so lved.


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