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Fe-based Amorphous Soft Magnetic Alloy and Its Crystallization(PDF)


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Fe-based Amorphous Soft Magnetic Alloy and Its Crystallization
Shen Guidi L i Jianping Zhou Chuanwei Yang Feng
Department of Materials Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 2 10 0 94
amo rphous alloys cr ystallizat ion micr ocry stals sof t mag net ic materials mag net ic properties
The st ructures and magnet ic pro pert ies for amorphous and annealed Fe72. 5 Cu1Nb2V2Si13. 5B9 al loys at various temper atures in the r ang e of 350~750 ℃ w ere studied by means of dif ferent ial thermal analysis, X-ray dif f ract ion and ballist ic g alvanometer . The result s show ed that , w ith the increase of temper ature sho rt-rang e order expanded the mag net ization of annealed alloy at 350 ℃ is more easier than that of amo rphpo us allo y. A microcr ystallite st ructure and superior sof t mag net ic properties e. g, hig h relat iv e init ial permeability of Ui≥4. 7×104, low coercivity of H c≤1. 4 A/ m can be obtained by annealing at 520 ~ 560 ℃. A nnealing abov e 620 ℃, the second phase FexBy precipitated, sof t mag net ic properties deter io rated rapidly.


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